Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rough Happy Week

It's been a while since I updated my blog. Last time I wrote about my relationship with my ex, but suddenly decided to delete it because I think it's too private to be published in social media. So here I am now, trying not to share any private things anymore.

Anyway, this last couple weeks were so bad. College didn't go friendly on me, but I'm glad there're friends sticking around me. Also there was a good news for myself that I wanted to share to all of you.

I just started doing OOTD and Instagram things this years and I felt there were a lot changes on me (which is good). Being known by people suddenly become one of my interests and I'm so excited to be featured on 

But when I received this news, I was so happy but also guilty as hell. A couple minutes before it, I just somehow teasing one of my friends and then kick him but that made him fell and hurt his leg. He didn't mad though, but I knew he was annoyed by my joke. I felt so sorry to him that I cried because I didn't want anything bad happen to him. He never being so quiet to me before and suddenly he just kept silent that night. Gladly, a couple hours after that he started to talk to me again and it's such a relief.

Being quiet actually one of my problems. I like to tease my friends and sometimes it's getting way too much and annoyed them. I'm trying to get rid this bad habit though. I hope I can cooperate with myself next time.