Friday, July 3, 2015

Kota Tua

Another adventure time with Raivan and Indra. This time we went to Kota Tua in Jakarta. As long as I can remember, that day was so hot that I'm sweating so much.

We spent our first one hour to look for the place to take the photos but It didn't go as planned. The place that Indra meant to be was reconstructed to cafe so we decide to take photos in Museum Bank Indonesia. But then again we need the permission and pay to take photos.

We decided to go back home but in the way we found this place which I don't remember anymore where is it (it still in Kota Tua tho)

Photo credits goes to Indra (click here for his website)

Dress : Cotton On
Long Coat : Stradivarius
Bralette : American Eagle Indonesia
Heels : Zara
Hat : H&M