Sunday, May 17, 2015

Forearm Stand

This is my favourite pose for all time. It's forearm stand and I just learned it when I was in college. It took me about 6 months without fully practicing everyday to balance myself in this pose. And finally I could touch my head with my toes already now. Doing this pose is not really that easy because you should have strength in your arm, so I learned headstand first before I learn this pose. When you do forearm stand, you need your back strength and flexibility. So whenever I do forearm stand, usually I warming up my back first (well, you should warm up actually).

Here are my forearm stand journey. (Sorry for the bad quality on some photos)

Try to balance your headstand first before you try forearm stand.
Don't afraid to fall when you learn headstand. I do fall a couple times but just make sure that there's pillow behind you.

I took this photo by self-timer because I wanted to see how far I can go with my forearm stand.
I use my bed to make me balance but it only last for a seconds.

This was the very first time I tried forearm stand without anything behind me.
I fell to the pool after that tho.

This picture was taken last year on my trip to Bali. I still fell after that but I could manage myself to fall into bridge pose so it didn't hurt at all.

My favourite photos of all. Taken when I attended 5K Color Run.

 And finally I can touch my head with my feet now. Somehow I feel proud to myself that I finally can reach my target. Sharing this post actually because I want you to know that even you can do this. All you have to do is make a target so you have a motivation to practice. I hope this post inspiring you to exercise more because being healthy is a must !

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