Sunday, June 21, 2015

In The Mood for Polka Dots

I usually adore stripes more than polka dots. I don't know what is in my mind that day. Wearing polka dots with the cute headband was rarely "my things" (steal the headband from my sister).

Apart from the polka dots and the headband, I do love the back of this jumpsuit. It shows off my back and my mole. Talking about my mole, I don't know if it's been there since I was kid, but I just realised it when I was in high school (sorry for saying this random things).

Anyway, managed to do the standing splits even though it's harder when you have your heels on.

Photos credits goes to Raivan (click here for his instagram)

Jumpsuit : Zara
Shoes : Cloxvox


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  3. You're rocking this cute outfit, girl! :)

  4. Love dots.. and I love heels! Looking great! :)

    And wow.. perfectly balanced! :)

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