Friday, June 5, 2015

Summertime Madness with Sissy

This photos actually there because I'm joining TopshopXOOTDINDO competition.
So the competition is about your summer time with your sister/BFF and luckily just in time, I went back to Malang so I met my sister. Somehow we made this competition to opportunity to win some Topshop shopping vouchers (neither of us can't resist the temptation of shopping vouchers)

Before sharing the photos, I want you to know more about my sister, Nydia (click here for her Instagram). She's old now (not that old, just 24 years old) and she's getting married next year (too bad guys, she's not available anymore). She's actually the one who made me aware of what I wore, kinda like my fashion leader.

Anyway, her style is completely the opposite of mine. She always wear anything colourful and adore polka dots so badly while I rather use dark colour and stripes. She loves everything cute that sometimes creep me out. Even her Instagram's feeds are so bright and lively. 

So here are some photos that we both took a couple days ago. The combination between the colourful and the achromatic girls.

Photo credits goes to my mom. Sorry I can't get you my own OOTD photos. I'm actually in hurry when we took this photos because I had to go to airport and catch the flight.

Wish us win the competition !

First Photo
Me :
Overall : Zara
Shoes : 13thShoes

Second Photo
Me :
Dress : @delittlegingers
Shoes : @havehad


  1. Lovely pics. Love your blog. Kisses

  2. Anyway, her panache is completely the contradictory of mine. She continuously wear anything colourful and adore polka dots so seriously while I slightly use dim cooler and stripes. She loves everything cute that sometimes tiptoe me available

  3. She's really the sole who made me conscious of pardon I sported, kind similar my fashion frontrunner Perfumes

  4. Totally loving your pictures..